Need Investment Advice? If you are buying a rental property or a family home we can help you get your options clear

Investing advice


One of the biggest advantages of investing in property is the control you have over the investment. 

The sort of factors that may determine the return you will receive are location, property size, number of bedrooms and other facilities such as garaging.

The access to amenities such as shopping centres and schools may also have a bearing on the return you receive.

Having professional people assisting you in every aspect of investment is important. Your mortgage broker will assist you to structure your loans.

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Property Management

Your real estate agent can assist on providing information on capital growth in areas you are looking in and also ways you may be able to improve the value of a property. 

A Property Manager can assist you by finding then screening suitable tenants, give you an idea of rental return and also manage the investment for you if you are unable or unwilling to manage it yourself. They are able to organise skilled tradesmen to do any repairs and they carry out regular inspections to ensure the tenants are looking after your investment. 

Being in charge of your own investment portfolio means that you are in control of the future of your investment. Deciding when to add to your portfolio, when to sell assets and how to go about managing the structure are all learning curves but the outcome of operating a successful investment portfolio is very fulfilling and satisfying.

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